Good food begins with the ingredients. With that in mind, here at Frestro we strive to use the best and freshest ingredients as the soul of our food. We grow our ingredients with the help of local farmers, thus formed a bonding far more than just commercial relationship.




The journey from farm to plate begins in the lush mountains of Bedugul in central Bali. The fresh air and cool climate is absolutely perfect for growing the best produce, and so almost all of our fruit, vegetables and herbs come delivered right to our door direct from our very own farm. We have a strict ‘no chemicals or additives’ policy, and reckon you can taste the difference because of it. Healthy and nutritious. Hey, it’s not rocket science, right?

In fact pretty much everything we serve up is sourced from somewhere within Indonesia, rather than burning up all those pesky little carbons flying stuff over here. Our beef comes from a ranch of Australian breed cattle in Java (right next door really), while our happy free-range chickens get to enjoy the open air and green grass of Bedugul.

Even the little things we do our best to keep local, like our Singaraja salt from the small north Bali village of Tejakula, which is renowned for making the best natural salt on the island. 

And then there’s the…. wait, OK, you get the idea – we are pretty passionate about our ingredients, so let’s just leave it at that and let our food do the talking.